Castleton History

  • Castleton, Vermont’s charter was granted to Samuel Brown and forty other proprietors in 1761. During the American Revolution, it was in Castleton that Colonel Ethan Allen mustered his Green Mountain Boys for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga from the British.   Prospering from milling, slate production and stage coach commerce, the village of Castleton achieved architectural prominence through a number of early nineteenth century joiners, particularly Thomas R. Dake.


  • Castleton Village, where the tour is centered, is a National Register Historic District that encompasses the trail of the Blue Cat of Castleton as described in The Blue Cat of Castle Town by Catherine Cate Coblentz. Over twenty homes, commercial buildings and historic sites are included in the annual tour.  The Buel Block is the oldest commercial brick building block in Vermont. The Cobbler’s Shop is the oldest brick building in Vermont.